1:1 MatchMaker Questions

Am I eligible to participate in 1:1 MatchMakers?

WBENC-Certified WBEs who purchase a full conference registration; WBENC-Certified WBE sponsors; WBENC-Certified WBE Sponsor guests; WBENC-Certified WBE Exhibitors; and WEConnect Certified WBEs with a current certification who register before the Early Bird Deadline, April 2, are eligible to participate in MatchMakers.

What does being eligible for MatchMakers mean?

Being eligible means your company is currently certified and registered by the early bird deadline of April 2 and therefore will be invited to complete a company profile which will be used by our Corporate Members in the 1:1 MatchMaker selection process. Eligibility does not guarantee you a 1:1 MatchMaker meeting.

What should I expect if I am eligible for MatchMakers?

April 10th:  WBE ACTION ITEM

ONLY the female owner will receive an email from matchmakers@wbenc.org with instructions to create or update the company’s MatchMaker profile and to block schedule times so that no meeting can be scheduled at a time that the WBE is not available.  If the owner is not attending, please make sure she is aware of the email and knows which staff person to forward it to.  If no email is received by the owner, please email matchmakers@wbenc.org for instructions.


All WBE profiles must be completed.  Those WBEs that do not submit a profile, will automatically be excluded from the selection process.  


After the April 24 WBE deadline, the participating Corporate Members will begin to review the eligible profiles to identify the WBEs that sell the products/services they currently need.  After reviewing the WBEs meeting their needs, they will determine which WBE(s) will receive an invitation to meet. All Corporate Members must complete scheduling meetings by May 25. 


It is highly suggested to download the MatchMaker tool, EventDex mobile app which can be download from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.  For additional app instructions and functionality, visit this site to see how you can easily and quickly view your appointments, cancel an appointment and manage your schedule from the EventDex app.

Print your final schedule.  Schedules printed prior to this date will not have the table names assigned.  However, it is important to continue to login to EventDex and check your schedule to ensure there have been no cancelations or last minute scheduled meetings due to unforeseen circumstances.

How will I know if a meeting has been extended to my company?

Each WBE has access to their schedule when logged into the MatchMaker tool, EventDex.  It is strongly recommended that you monitor your company’s online schedule once a week to see if a meeting has been scheduled. While auto emails are generated, delivery is not guaranteed.  Most of the Corporate Members will schedule between May 1 and May 25, which is why weekly monitoring is important. In addition, meetings may be canceled and rescheduled by the Corporate Members, so it is important to check the schedule leading up to the day of the MatchMaker event on June 21 to ensure no changes have taken place.
Meetings are automatically accepted on the behalf of the WBE Company. No action is required by the WBE unless they wish to cancel the meeting.

Important!  Because each WBE is able to personalize her schedule and block meeting times that she knows she is not available to attend, no meeting will be rescheduled due to travel or other conference event involvement.
Can a WBE request a meeting with a Corporate Member?

All corporations participating in MatchMaker will be listed in the MatchMaker tool by April 24. If you see that a company is participating, you may reach out to the supplier diversity team using the contact information in WBENCLink2.0. When doing this, please keep in mind that the person you are emailing may not be the MatchMaker participant and will need to forward the email to the appropriate person. You will want to let them know you understand what their company does and what your solution for them is. In addition, it is important that you convey you understand the process and are requesting a meeting only if they have available time slots. Please do not contact any company that has not been identified in the MatchMaker tool as a participant.

I have a 1:1 MatchMaker meeting scheduled, now what?

This is your time to convince the corporation to take your company to the next level, so do your homework. Every company is different, convince them that your company can meet their specific needs because you understand what those needs are! To prepare for the meeting you can review the 1:1 MatchMakers 101 webinar available on WBENC Insights.

Be on time! WBEs who arrive late, will not be allowed to enter the MatchMaker room.

Arrive 20 minutes prior to your meeting to check in and be seated in the holding room. Information regarding registration will be provided via email to the participants prior to traveling to the event from MatchMakers@wbenc.org

Who can I contact regarding MatchMaker?

For more information regarding MatchMaker, please email matchmakers@wbenc.org or call Martha Valenzuela at 202-872-5518.