At this year's WBENC National Conference & Business Fair, we are thrilled to bring you more than 20 informative and inspirational workshops, featuring presentations from leading corporations, industry and subject matter experts, leaders from national organizations, and more.

This rich programming is designed to help you hone your leadership skills, get covetable insights into corporate and government supply chains, learn about new industry trends and challenges, gather best practices on how to best leverage certification and the WBENC network, and provide you with actionable resources and tools to help improve your business.

We are offering four workshop sessions - two on Tuesday, June 19 and two on Thursday, June 21. See below for full schedule and workshop details. 

Tuesday, June 19: 2:30-3:30 PM

Millennials: What You Don't Know is Tanking Your Bottom Line - Workshop Room 1 Professional Development

Presented by Core Elevation, Inc.

The fact of the matter is if you don't understand millennials, you can't keep them. With that in mind, we will bust prevailing millennial myths and replace them with facts about this often misunderstood generation. Next, we will learn about the psychology of WHY they what they do at work. Last, participants will be provided with a formula that will reveal a major area of missing profits from your bottom line. (HINT: You probably have no idea this is missing from your P&L!)

Twinning Your Competition: Why 86% of Buyers Can’t See The Difference (Part 1) - Workshop Room 2 WBE Resources

Presented by Dupont Sourcing & Logistics

This is a two-part workshop that continues during the next workshop session from 3:45 - 4:45 PM.

Your business isn't as unique as you think. Research shows that buyers don't see you as different compared to your competitors. This comes out loud and clear when you're price-shopped, lose the sale to a competitor or worse yet-can't even get the meeting with the decision makers in the first place!

Time-starved buyers don't have the desire to meet with just one more vendor who does the same thing as their current vendor.

There's a reason why calling more leads or hiring more sales staff isn't helping grow your business faster.

The answer is simple, it's scientific and it requires very little investment other than a few changes to what you’re already doing to reach out to prospects.

In this dynamic, story-packed session, you'll learn:
• The single reason why spending more time and money on your marketing and selling don't work
• Top 5 mistakes people make in their messaging...that keeps them losing at least 1/2 of what they could be earning on the table
• The differentiator that one of my clients used in order to generate $15K in one meeting
• Why despite going to meeting after meeting, and calling prospect after prospect, your marketing still doesn't strike a chord with the buyer
• The steps that you can take right now to make you stop being a twin to your competitors and to start to be recognized as truly different!"

Behind the Scenes: Driving Supplier Diversity - Workshop Room 3 Automotive

Presented by the WBENC Automotive Industry Advisory Board

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes as Automotive Industry Supplier Diversity Professionals prepare to meet and integrate new suppliers into their supply chains? If so, this is the session for you. Join us as we use a unique methodology for driving you through the journey from the initial supplier meeting to post-contract award and every step in between. You will leave this session with an in-depth understanding of the contact to contract relationship and also obtain your first Passport stamp as you navigate the Automotive Pavilion.

A Conversation with the Healthcare Advisory Board: An Open Forum - Workshop Room 4 Healthcare

Presented by the WBENC Healthcare Advisory Board

From supply chain challenges and opportunities to innovations, take this opportunity to participate in an open forum with members of the Healthcare Advisory Board.  This will be an interactive session and your chance to get your questions answered from these industry thought leaders, so come prepared! Participants in this session will be eligible for randomly selected “Meet & Greet” opportunities at the Healthcare Pavilion on the Business Fair Floor!

Overcoming Challenges of International Business - Workshop Room 5 International

Presented by the WBENC Global Committee

In this interactive session, WBEs and WBENC Corporate Members will discuss the challenges of doing business in the international landscape and will share best practices in overcoming the top issues facing global business.

Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence - Workshop Room 6 Travel & Entertainment

Presented by The Walt Disney Company

A leader is far more than a label — leadership is about taking actions to create sustained, positive transformations within an organization. Great leaders align their own values and vision with those of their business and help operationalize them for the future. The most meaningful way to demonstrate these skills is to passionately communicate your shared vision and practice what your company stands for. Join Disney Institute to begin to reimagine your approach to leadership.

Note: This workshop will also be offered on Thursday, June 21 from 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM.
Leveraging Your WBENC Certification - Workshop Room 7 WBE Resources

Presented by the WBENC Regional Partner Organization Leaders

Getting certified was your first step. Now that you have it, what do you do with it? The most successful WBEs in our network have learned to leverage their certification to reach more customers. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to talk directly with WBENC’s Regional Partner Organization (RPO) leaders from across the nation to gain valuable insight on accessing opportunities through supplier diversity channels, building business relationships that last, and making your WBENC WBE certification work for you!

Tuesday, June 19: 3:45-4:45 PM

Lead Organizational Change that Gets Results - Workshop Room 1 Professional Development

Presented by Change Catalysts, LLC

From new product/service launches to new technologies to shifting employee/customer demographics, the modern workplace is replete with constant, unrelenting change. Yet the reality is that as many as 70% of organizational change initiatives fall short of expectations. For business owners and leaders in all industries today, the ability to facilitate successful and sustainable change is mission-critical for organizational viability and career impact. In this highly interactive presentation, full of relevant case studies and relatable examples, participants will get introduced the CQ System for Developing Change Intelligence, which is based on decades of change leadership in the workplace, years of conducting global research on managing change, and study into the psychology and neuroscience of change. Participants will learn how to reframe resistance from enemy to ally, understand their own styles of leading change, and how to adapt their leadership style to engage for change and positively influence others in new, winning directions – leading to bottom line business results. Join us to obtain actionable insights you can apply on the job right away!

Twinning Your Competition: Why 86% of Buyers Can’t See The Difference (Part 2) - Workshop Room 2 WBE Resources

Presented by Dupont Sourcing & Logistics

This is a continuation of the "Twinning Your Competition" presentation from the previous workshop session. Please see above for full description and details. To get the most out of this workshop, attendees should plan to attend both sessions.

Hotel Franchising 101 - Workshop Room 3 Travel & Entertainment

Presented by Hilton

Informative session hosted by Hilton Development team and Hilton Supply Management. An introduction to hotel franchising for entrepreneurs new to the hotel business. This session provides an overview of the steps involved in hotel ownership from actual practitioners. This is a session the minority or women investor can’t afford to miss. The hospitality industry is a great place to be and now is the time. Armed with the right tools, right attitude and right information, one can do very well in hotel ownership.

Environmental Sustainability: Gaining Competitive Advantage - Workshop Room 4 Energy / Utilities

Presented by Pacific, Gas and Electric

Environmental sustainability is important to companies both big and small. Whether you are a supplier or procurement manager, environmental sustainability commitment and results are increasingly important to supply chain success. It guides how we assess and manage our supply chain priorities and processes to select, engage with and manage vital business partners and it influences our product and service choices. Panelists discuss their environmental sustainability programs and how to gain competitive advantage through environmental sustainability.

Cyber Security 101 for WBEs and Diverse Suppliers - Workshop Room 5 IT / Tech

Presented by Frontier Technologies

Don't let corporate buyers question the integrity of their supply chain because you haven't secured and protected your assets. If you haven't established a cybersecurity strategy for your small business, you could be putting your buyers' data at risk!

This workshop will prepare attendees to launch a complete cybersecurity strategy; everyone will walk away with an actionable plan they can put into place immediately, that will help them understand their environment, avoid fines for lack of compliance, protect their customers' data, protect their buyers' data, train their employees, and protect their own data from hackers and bad actors through social engineering or phishing attempts.

This is vital for WBEs and Corporate Members who cannot afford to allow leaky data management practices to put their supply chain and businesses at risk. Having a solid cybersecurity strategy will help align WBEs with corporate procurement requirements, and make them more competitive as suppliers, as well as avoid the risk of costly data breaches to their business in general.

From Battlefield To Business - Workshop Room 6 Veterans

Presented by the U.S. Veterans Chamber of Commerce (USVCC)

Attend this engaging panel discussion for insights and information on veterans transitioning from military to being a business owner. Challenges, opportunities and resources will be explored by experts, providing a road map for navigating this complex journey. Learn how important USVCC support system is for a veteran.

Policy, Not Politics: Keeping Women Business Owners in the Know! - Workshop Room 7 Government

Presented by Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)

In today’s political environment, it is critical for business owners to understand the policies that can affect their bottom line. In this session, you will hear from policy experts as they provide invaluable information on Capitol Hill’s hottest topics like taxes, the economy, infrastructure, procurement and workforce development. Join this dynamic session by learning how to let your voice be heard and staying in the know!

Thursday, June 21: 10:00-11:00 AM

Global Supplier Diversity and Inclusion: Best Practices and Strategies to Expand Programs Beyond the U.S. - Workshop Room 1 International

Presented by WEConnect International

During this session, corporate supplier diversity and inclusion professionals will have the opportunity to learn how leading corporations have successfully expanded their SD&I efforts from U.S. to global. These experts will share invaluable methods and strategies to obtain necessary support and resources as well as key global program best practices.

How Fast Changing Technologies Influence the Way We Do Business - Workshop Room 2 IT / Tech

Presented by Office Depot, Inc.

The right technology is critical for businesses to grow, market, and engage customers. At this Office Depot interactive workshop, you will learn about technologies that will help women-owned businesses to operate more efficiently and increase their competitiveness.

• Innovative new technology solutions for start-ups & growing businesses
• Managed services, specifically IT - Reduce technology downtime and improve productivity

Business Strategy for the Energy Industry - Workshop Room 3 Energy & Utilities

Presented by Holland Energy Consulting

The ever-changing energy landscape forces both corporations and WBEs to adjust or develop new business strategies. For WBEs, being strategic has become a necessity in order to enter, maintain or grow business in the industry. In this session, using a WBE as a case study, we will explore key considerations a WBE should address when developing or adapting an industry specific business strategy ie. risk, global perspective, energy sector fit (upstream, midstream, downstream, utility) as well as the many ways a WBE can practice being strategic – questions to ask yourself, industry specific data, tools and resources.

Communicating Under High-Pressure Performance - Workshop Room 4 Professional Development

Presented by ShawneTV

Whether you're being interviewed on CNN, conducting a Facebook Live, selling to a corporate buyer, or having preventative sexual harassment dialogues, this workshop gets you ready to face leadership communication challenges while under pressure. Dr. Shawne Duperon, who communicates with millions in social media, leads this dynamic workshop that stretches you as a leader to creatively problem solve and strategically articulate your message during high pressure.

Doing Good is Good for Small Business Owners - Workshop Room 5 WBE Resources

Presented by Allstate Insurance Company

In this session, the Allstate Foundation will go over how cause marketing builds favorability and drives sales. The session will use a combination of presentation, team building and table rounds to discuss how doing good is good for business and how to measure that success.

Attention All Veterans: You’re Certified, Now What? - Workshop Room 6 Veterans

Presented by National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC)

Certification is only the beginning, what you do with your certification determines if it has any value. This presentation is a straight forward “here is what you need to do” to put your certification to work and grow your business.

Thursday, June 21: 11:15 AM-12:15 PM

Master Executive Presence Without Breaking a Sweat - Workshop Room 1 Professional Development

Presented by Renee Walker & Associates

We all recognize it when we see it! Savvy, smart and successful leaders - including iconic CEOs, influencers and celebrities - have executive presence, and so can you. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, cracking the executive presence code ensures you can "command the room," influence others and drive results. From attracting your ideal clients, negotiating a major deal or leading a high-performance team, learn the secrets to develop your executive presence.

Outcome-Based Healthcare Talent Models to Maximize Patient Safety and Increased Cost Efficiencies - Workshop Room 2 Healthcare

Presented by InGenesis, Inc.

According to the World Health Organization, by 2030 parts of the globe may encounter substantial misalignment between the number of health workers required to provide essential services, the availability of healthcare professionals and a country’s employment capacity. It is imperative that healthcare systems move beyond traditional practices and explore outcome-based talent models to maximize patient-safety and increased cost-efficiencies.

Through outcome-based standards, process criteria can be developed to heighten awareness and strengthen new models of care. Processes include, healthcare workforce planning, resource allocation, rationalization regarding the distribution of patient-centered professionals, evaluating capacity methodologies, facility/unit forecasting, surge and disaster staffing matrix. InGenesis, elected by ANSI as the Chair and Head of U.S. Delegation of the ISO Technical Committee 304/Healthcare Organization Management, convened a working group along with the American Nursing Association (ANA) to develop global standards for outcome-based staffing within inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory care facilities. Today, over 32 countries are observing and/or participating in this initiative.

Personality, Progress and Profits - Workshop Room 3 Professional Development

Presented by Berkshire Group

Speaking a common ‘personality language’ in the work place will help avoid communication issues, resolve problems more quickly and impact the productivity and profitability of your company. While interviewing new hires, it is the practice of most companies to look at the education and technical skill set of the potential hire. However, studies have shown that technical skill, beginning with intelligence, accounts for only 15% of success in the work place. The other 85% of workplace success comes from people skills! People are influenced and motivated differently. This is basically true because people have different personality styles and each personality has different basic needs.

Navigating the Government Procurement Maze - Workshop Room 4 Government

Presented by Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)

Join the panel of industry leaders and experts as they dispel many of the myths surrounding government contracting and arm you with tangible nuggets of wisdom. The session is geared towards both experienced government contractors and those who are considering the path of government contracting for their business. The experts will discuss what you should do in preparing to enter the government contracting arena, the best strategies to win business and how to navigate the government procurement landscape as your business grows

Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence - Workshop Room 5 Travel & Entertainment

Presented by The Walt Disney Company

A leader is far more than a label — leadership is about taking actions to create sustained, positive transformations within an organization. Great leaders align their own values and vision with those of their business and help operationalize them for the future. The most meaningful way to demonstrate these skills is to passionately communicate your shared vision and practice what your company stands for. Join Disney Institute to begin to reimagine your approach to leadership.

Note: This workshop is also being offered on Tuesday, June 19 from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.