Demystifying GSA Schedules

Demystifying GSA Schedules

Thursday, June 27
10:30 AM - 11:10 AM

Presented by WIPP

GSA Schedules can be confusing and concerning for small businesses. This session helps you to understand what GSA Schedules and Schedule Consolidation is, benefits and pain points, and how you can develop your strategy for success as a small business on a GSA schedule.

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Courtney Fairchild, Co-Founder and President, Global Services


Courtney Fairchild is the co-founder and President of Global Services.  Ms. Fairchild has been with the company since it was founded in 1997 and headed up the Global Services GSA Schedule Programs division from its inception.

Over the past twenty years she and her team have successfully prepared, negotiated, and managed 2500+ Schedule contracts for Global Services’ clients. Ms. Fairchild is an authority on all GSA Schedules within the Multiple Award Schedule program and has spoken on related topics across the country. Ms. Fairchild has worked with companies ranging from multinational/multibillion-dollar publicly traded corporations to micro businesses consisting of only a few employees.

In addition to working with her government contractor clients in the private sector, Ms. Fairchild provides pro bono services to the Small Business Administration's SCORE program and Small Business Development Center to assist their constituents in learning about marketing to the federal government, specifically via the GSA Schedule.