Transforming Brands with Disruptive Marketing

Transforming Brands with Disruptive Marketing

Tuesday, June 25
4:20 PM - 5 PM

Presented by Pfizer

Effective advertising campaigns have the ability to cut through the noise to reach their target audiences in compelling and memorable ways. Tatyana Tsinberg, Vice President of Core Brands at Pfizer, will walk us through some of Pfizer’s most memorable and impactful ad campaigns and share her key takeaways on understanding your audience, building messaging that resonates, and why calculated risk taking is core to great marketing.

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Tatyana, Tsinberg, Vice President of Core Brands at Pfizer


Tatyana Tsinberg is Vice President, Core Brands at Pfizer, where she oversees a number of leading brands and commercial strategies.  Under Tatyana’s leadership, Pfizer has been able to effectively reach broad groups of patients and healthcare stakeholders who are managing some of the most widespread health conditions, including smoking, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder, colorectal cancer and others.  Creating innovative and engaging programs in these areas, she has enhanced Pfizer’s reach to millions of patients in need.

Since joining Pfizer, Tatyana has had the pleasure of leading commercial efforts for some of the most iconic pharmaceutical brands in the industry including VIAGRA, CHANTIX, Detrol LA, Eliquis and Zoloft.  She has launched some of the most innovative ad campaigns including VIAGRA’s “Woman” campaign, CHANTIX’s Ray Liotta celebrity endorsement and most recent “CHANTIX Slow Turkey” ads.  She is also leading Pfizer’s first effort to support a broad based diagnostic test for colorectal cancer, Cologuard, in partnership with Exact Sciences.