Design Thinking CIRCUIT

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving. From start-ups to experienced business professionals, the Design Thinking Circuit will help you look at your core business challenge from a fresh perspective and will provide you with resources to drive innovation and creativity within your team and business.


Introduction to Design Thinking Mindsets

The Design Thinking mindsets are like a recipe for creativity and innovation. Powerful when used separately, when brought together, these mindsets can be used to solve complex business problems. Learn about these mindsets—and how to use them—in this 40-minute introduction.

Creating a Culture of Innovation: How to Lead a Design Thinking Session with Your Team

The design thinking process can reap major rewards for your company by igniting creativity and solving business problems with innovative solutions. Learn how to bring design thinking learnings back to your team and ignite a culture of innovation.

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Design Thinking Immersive

Building on Design Thinking fundamentals from Summit & Salute, dive into this one-hour immersive with other attendees and subject matter experts to work through the key stages of creative problem-solving for your business: understanding, empathizing, ideating and prototyping.