Ready to go global or already doing business globally? In the Global Circuit, novices learn the ins and outs of what it means to take your business worldwide, including exporting, packaging and shipping, trade law and more. For the experienced exporter, learn about market entry strategies, identify target markets and better understand export compliance.


Export 101: The Accidental Exporter (For the Global Business Novice)

Presented by UPS

Global customers want to buy U.S. goods, but how does exporting work? Learn how to minimize risk and avoid pitfalls for international orders. Our experts will teach simple steps to ensure you and your customers have a positive experience. It turns out, exporting is not as hard as you think. 

Export 201: The Strategic Exporter (Building Your Export Strategy)

Presented by UPS

95% of the world’s buyers are outside the U.S.  Learn about export strategies, entering new markets, and support services for US companies who want to expand. From global e-commerce, making connections, or financing or insurance needs – our trade experts will help you build confidence to take the next steps. 



Expanding Globally – Coaching Sessions

Presented by UPS

Wherever you are in your export journey, get ready to take the next step. UPS and USCS experts will share tools and resources to help you research new markets, build an export-friendly digital presence, understand the package flow and prepare an export shipment. 



Build-Your-Own Export Adventure

Presented by UPS

Want to start exporting? Ready to sell in a new country? Boost your confidence with a hands-on export example to practice the key steps of targeting, research, documentation and shipping. Experts will help guide you and answer your questions!