Strategic planning CIRCUIT

To be successful, every business needs to set priorities, focus resources, strengthen operations, and adjust the organization's direction in response to a changing environment. The Strategic Planning Circuit will provide tools and resources to help you articulate where your organization is going, define the actions needed to make progress, learn about potential risks, and gain insights into leveraging technology. 


Business Plan Essentials

Whether you're just starting out or growing an established business, your success and profitability hinges on knowing your market, understanding your customer, then staying organized and on-track. These are just some of the benefits of a business plan. Learn the must-have components and how to craft the perfect business plan for your company and how to refine your business plan for continued growth.

Presented by Wells Fargo

Maximizing the Value of Partnerships to Help Reduce Business Risk

Companies of all sizes are subject to the inherent risks of carrying out business functions. In this session, you will learn about how organizations are using partnerships to deliver better products and services to help reduce risk for businesses.   You will also learn how benefit partnerships can deliver business tools and services to reduce risk, improve employee retention, and help companies grow.

Presented by Allstate Insurance Co.

Women Business Owners and Digital Disruption: From Insight to Action

Based on the results of the WBENC/EY Digital Technology survey, this session will share insights from the survey, offer market wide comparisons and offer practical steps and items to consider in order to address and close the gaps in planning and managing the business based on disruptive technologies.    

Presented by EY

Workplace Safety

Your customers, the law and good business practices require your company to provide a workplace that’s free from safety and health hazards that are known (or should be known). The failure to do so can impact future business, lost productivity and employee dissatisfaction as well as costly lawsuits and government penalties. This circuit will help you understand the essential elements of a corporate safety plan and how to use one to effectively grow your business.

Presented PG&E


Business Plan essentials

Bring your complete or in-progress business plan to review and get feedback during 1:1 coaching sessions with business planning experts from Wells Fargo. Haven’t got your plan or haven’t started a plan? No problem, the Wells Fargo coaches are here to help you get started.

Presented by Wells Fargo

Coach & Do

Maximizing the Value of Partnerships to Help Reduce Business Risk

BENEFITS PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND ... In this role-playing game, you will experience real life scenarios of the impact benefits have on HR as well as employees.  Participants will enjoy participating in a fun and exciting game of role play through specific life events and how benefits selected play a role in outcomes.  Preparing for and reducing risk is the goal of the game.

Presented by Allstate Insurance Co.