Wellness lab

For business owners and busy professionals, practicing self-care is a critical element of staying mentally and physically healthy, productive and happy. The Wellness Lab will provide resources and experiences focused on preventative care and stress relief.

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Reclaim Your Health

Learn how to stay healthy while traveling. Be well prepared to keep on track and get on a path to a healthier lifestyle. This session will be led be a CVS Health licensed Nurse Practitioner.

Presented by CVS Health

Become a Nutrition Detective: Learn to uncover the secret language of your body!

Ever wonder why you have bumps on the back of your arms or nocturnal leg cramps? Examine these plus many other "interesting symptoms" of nutritional deficiencies and what you can do about them. In this short presentation, Dr. Susan Brown Ph.D. (best-selling author, medical anthropologist, and clinical nutritionist) will guide you through a simple questionnaire helping you to detect common signs and symptoms of nutritional inadequacies. Nutritional inadequacies over time will likely limit your health, happiness and longevity. Come learn more about what your body is trying to tell you!

Presented by Merck & Co., Inc.

Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

A Kaiser Permanente registered dietitian will discuss healthy food options as well as prepare simple, easy to replicate dishes that will be offered to attendees along with the recipe.

Presented by Kaiser Permanente

Healthy Living and Breast Cancer

Learn beyond the basics about breast health, breast cancer, and how to live well thereafter. This session will be led by Dr. Marshalee George of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine - Department of Medical Oncology and Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. George is also the author of “Detecting and Living with Breast Cancer.”

Presented by the American Breast Cancer Foundation


Health Screenings

Do you know your numbers? Stop by the Wellness Lab for a comprehensive health screening that offers a health risk assessment including blood pressure, body mass index, glucose and cholesterol.


Deskercise & Line Dancing

Attendees will be guided through mini sessions of these activities, which are focused on understanding the importance of “Thrive Breaks”. Attendees will learn how they can incorporate them into their daily work lives and share them with their employees and colleagues.


Attendees can participate in activities related to relaxation such as receiving a chair massage.