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Hallie Satz
CEO, Managing Partner,

HighRoad Press, LLC

“As a leader in this network, it is important that I lead by example. I’ve had wonderful experiences partnering with other women-owned firms and look forward to bigger and better opportunities in the future.”

About HighRoad Press, LLC

Print focused and service driven, at HighRoad Press we are committed to showing you the exciting and colorful world of print. We are a passionate, dedicated team that will guarantee your projects will deliver on time, produced perfectly and in the most cost-effective way. Innovative with a purpose, we continue to invest in the latest equipment, technology, security systems and workflow. We are just the right size to print several million self-mailers offset or one single poster digitally. As one of the top printers in the country, we have won several awards for our quality and best practices. We know what we are doing, and we are good at it. Take the HighRoad and let’s create beautiful color together.

Headquartered: Moonachie, NJ    

Founded: 2004   

Company Website:

When and how was your business started?

Our story began in 2004 as a NYC print manufacturer. After many years of rising in the industry I had a vision that I could not ignore. I brought together a team of talented smart print professionals that, with me, also wanted to change the face and reputation of the industry. Tremendous investments were made in both time and financing.  With an inspiring company culture, our commitment to diversity, a clean environment, and best practices for quality and service, we quickly grew and relocated to a 40,000 sq. ft. facility in NJ with a large print partner in PA. 

How has being a WBENC-Certified WBE helped your business?

Being WBENC-Certified has had a tremendous influence on the growth of HighRoad as well as my own personal growth. Getting involved with WPEO in 2004 I quickly learned that there was a world of other women like me committed to changing the face of various industries. There was also a world of diversity professionals and staff that were committed to helping us do just that. WPEO locally and WBENC nationally gave me the platform to make connections, stay informed on the latest drivers in corporate America, and develop lifelong relationships with other women entrepreneurs and corporate representatives.

What is your proudest moment thus far in business?

In 2007, I was just starting to build the company when suddenly our clients, affected by the economy, tremendously reduced their marketing budgets for print. Instead of pulling back we went full force with a “keep it local” marketing campaign. We sent mailers throughout NYC with a round trip metro card inviting local prospects to tour our beautiful print facility. Growing our business locally during the recession kept the company busy and sustained us during those dark days. The company was transformed in many ways and I truly felt a tremendous amount of pride. Being innovative with a purpose became a new lesson learned, practiced and one we were all proud of.

What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?

  • Get to know the other WBEs.  Many of us have learned from our mistakes and will share those stories with you.

  • Be bold! You cannot grow your business if you are not willing to take risks.

  • If you have an employee that is creating a negative environment in your company, make a change. As new entrepreneurs we are focused on our growth and are very busy. You will spend too much time cleaning up the mess they made later on.

What advice would you share with a newly certified WBE looking to make the most out of her certification?

Attend events locally and nationally. WBENC may seem huge now, but if you attend often, you will find a small community that is committed to making introductions and aims to help you succeed. Watch and learn from the WBEs that have been certified for a while. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Don’t be too pushy. Get to know people and be likable. Not everyone has business opportunities for you but perhaps they will introduce you to someone that does.  We all know that people help people they know and like. 

Have you partnered with other WBENC-Certified WBEs on contracts or utilized other WBEs as suppliers? If so, what has been the benefit? Why do you feel it is important to work with other WBEs in the WBENC network?

I love working with other WBEs. It gives me a chance to get to know them and we all know that owning a business can become a lonely world. When you work with other WBEs you will quickly find that they are a lot like you, making it is easy to become friends. You instantly have so much in common. We always want to do a great job for each other. We know that the word will get passed around. Perhaps they will recommend you to a client or you will recommend them. It is a win-win; do not underestimate how important those relationships can be.      

What tips do you have for WBEs to get the most out of their time at the National Conference & Business Fair?

Focus on nurturing existing relationships while making new ones. Target prospects from your local RPO; you will have more opportunities after the conference to build and reinforce those connections. If they are attending the conference and you have not been able to get to know them before, you now have three days of workshops, meals, parties and the Business Fair to get to know them.

BE BOLD. Keep your head in the game. Use every minute you can to make new contacts and grow the ones you have. Make your time count. 

What should every first-time attendee know about the conference before they arrive?

Plan on being energetic and assume you will not get much sleep. Try to plan out your calendar before you go. You will be extremely busy. Wear comfortable shoes. Make sure your office knows that you will not have time to be on emails and calls. The conference is where you work ON your business not IN your business. Make a prospect list of the corporations that are attending that you would like to connect with. Go to the events. Don’t sit in your room even if you are alone. There are hundreds of WBEs like you that do not know people. Use the time to make NEW connections. Most important, HAVE FUN.  If you did not hit this time, it is only the beginning. Every year there are local and national events. Stick with it. This is a process and an investment. If it were that easy, then everyone would open a company and get certified.