Host Committee

The 2019 National Conference & Business Fair Host Committee is co-chaired by Jennifer Collins, President & CEO of JDC Events and Lynne Marie Finn, President & CEO of Broadleaf Results, Inc. Host Committee members are WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) from a multitude of industries. Each year, WBEs have the opportunity to be Host Committee members based on the location of the conference.

The objective of the Host Committee is to represent WBENC as the official ambassadors, providing information about the conference, its goal, mission and content. In addition, they serve as spokespeople on behalf of the 2019 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair to local, regional and national media outlets. This is to gain exposure to WBENC by reaching prospective constituents with interest in the development of WBEs.

host-committeeArtboard 1.jpg

Jennifer D. Collins
Host Committee Co-Chair President & CEO, JDC Events

host-committeeArtboard 2.jpg

Lynne Marie Finn
Host Committee Co-Chair President & CEO, Broadleaf Results, Inc.

host-committeeArtboard 3.jpg

Kathleen Benson

host-committeeArtboard 4.jpg

Loren Breslow
President, Command Marketing Innovations

host-committeeArtboard 5.jpg

Jacqueline Cleary
CEO, Atlas

host-committeeArtboard 6.jpg

Lois Gamerman
President & CEO, Soft Stuff Distributors, Inc.

host-committeeArtboard 7.jpg

Bev Gray
President & CEO, Exhibit Edge Inc.


Kay Hamilton
President/CEO, The Hamilton Group

host-committeeArtboard 8.jpg

Gia Machlin
Founder & CEO, EcoPlum, Inc.

host-committeeArtboard 9.jpg

Dee C. Marshall
CEO, Diverse & Engaged

host-committeeArtboard 10.jpg

Jayne Millard
Chairman & Co-CEO, Turtle & Hughes, Inc.

host-committeeArtboard 11.jpg

Carol Muszynski, IIDA
President, Eighth Day Design (EDD)


Sharon L. Olzerowicz
President/CEO, Hired by Matrix, Inc.

host-committeeArtboard 13.jpg

Hetal Parikh
President, Rangam Consultants Inc.

host-committeeArtboard 14.jpg

Avis Yates Rivers
Chief Executive Officer, Technology Concepts Group International, LLC.

host-committeeArtboard 15.jpg

Hallie Satz
CEO, Managing Partner, HighRoad Press, LLC

host-committeeArtboard 16.jpg

Jackie Smith
President, New Kent Coatings, Inc.

host-committeeArtboard 17.jpg

Susan Wright
President, Marlboro Group International LLC (MGI)