Managing Your Meetings

Meeting Notification Process

If your company is selected for a 1:1 MatchMaker meeting. A meeting notification will automatically be emailed to the MatchMaker email address. NO ACTION is required on your part as the system will automatically accept on your behalf.  However, if you need to cancel, you will need to manually cancel the meeting within EventDex. The system will allow you to enter a reason as to why you are canceling, the Corporate Member will automatically be notified of the cancellation, and the meeting will be removed from both of your calendars.

It is not uncommon that a Corporate Member will cancel a meeting only to reschedule with you as it may be necessary to accommodate another meeting they wish to have. Therefore, it is imperative that you refer to your schedule and not be dependent solely on emails received. 

Printing Schedule

National Corporate and Government Members will begin 1:1 MatchMaker scheduling on April 29 and will have until June 7 to make their final WBE selections. Since there are changes that can be made by the participating corporate members leading up to the day of the event, it’s important you schedule your schedule daily and wait to print off your schedule the night prior to leaving for the event. If you download the Eventdex by Global Nest Mobile App, you will be able to access your schedule via your phone. Please search in your app store for the free app.

Canceling a Meeting

Canceling your conference registration WILL NOT cancel your meetings. You must access the MatchMaker tool to do this or you will be viewed as a “no-show” to the corporate participant and to WBENC. The tool will allow you to enter the reason and request a private call after the