MatchMaker Logistics for Corporate Members

WBENC would like to thank you for participating in the 2019 National Conference & Business Fair Procurement Opportunity Connection MatchMaker event sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, Shell and United Airlines. Your time and commitment to the WBENC MatchMaker Program and our WBEs are critical to our success and very much appreciated. As a result, we were able to schedule 1300+ meetings!

You should have received a schedule from the Eventdex system today, but just in case you did not, please follow the instructions below to monitor your schedule. If you have any questions, please contact us

Corporate Check-in

Continental breakfast will be provided.

  • Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019

  • Location: Baltimore Convention Center, 400 Level, VIP East or VIP West
    VIP East (company name starts with A – K)
    VIP West (company name stars with L – Z)

  • Check in Time: 7:45 AM for meetings that start at 8:30 AM. For later meetings, please check in 30 minutes prior to your first meeting.

  • Refreshments: Continental Breakfast will be served in each VIP room.

Note: There will an express check-in station at the Information Desk located in the Ballroom Foyer beside WBE Check-in.  

New Process for 2019!

Instead of one large room, meetings will be divided into four (4) color-coded rooms to allow for a more intimate and quieter meeting setting. Rooms will be set up in alphabetical order starting to your left upon entrance. Your schedule indicates what room your company has been assigned to.

Rooms are divided as follows by Corporate Member name:


*If the company name begins with “The,” the company will be located in the corresponding room of the second word in the name. Example: The Home Depot is located in Ballroom I under H.

Eventdex App

It is important for anyone involved in the 1:1 MatchMaker event to download the Eventdex Mobile App to their cell phone by searching for the Eventdex product by Globalnest in the Apple or Google play store. The app provides up-to-date schedule information.  

NOTE: Please check your schedule prior to arriving at the Corporate Check in room/desk for any last-minute cancellations!

To check your schedule:

  • Log in with the email address and password used to schedule your appointments.

  • Select the 2019 NCBF event       

  • Select “My Appointments” from the menu at the left

WBENC understands emergencies happen and it may become necessary to cancel a meeting. All meetings MUST BE CANCELLED USING EVENTDEX, which immediately notifies the WBE of the cancellation. 

Steps to Cancel a meeting:

  • Follow the steps above to log into your profile through Eventdex.

  • Select “My Appointments” from the menu at the left.

  • Click the red “Cancel” button in the middle of the meeting you wish to cancel.

  • Enter the reason for the cancellation in the Comment box. Ask if they would please follow up with you after the event and include your name, email address and/or cell number for future follow up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule meetings while onsite?  
Yes, you may email with the name of any WBE you wish to meet with until 10 PM on June 26. If the WBE is eligible and you both have the same open time slot, the meeting will be scheduled and both you and the WBE will be notified. If the WBE is not eligible for MatchMakers, you must arrange the meeting directly with the WBE to meet at an outside location. You may use one of the reserved tables in the Ballroom Foyer (space is limited).

How many Corporate Members can be seated at a table? 
The table will allow two Corporate Members and only two WBEs. Please let WBENC know immediately if a third chair is needed as not every room will have extra tables to pull from.

Can a Corporate Member invite a WBE to meet with them in the MatchMaker room that was not prescheduled prior to the day of the event? 
No, only prescheduled meetings using Eventdex will be honored.

What should I bring with me to the meeting?
Please bring two (2) business cards per scheduled meeting and a pen for taking notes. Your schedule and printed WBE profiles with evaluation forms will be on the table for your use during and after the meetings.

How do I handle a No Show?
Emergencies happen, but everyone involved in MatchMaker meetings has been instructed to cancel any meeting they cannot attend so that email will be sent to the table contact. Please circle the name of the WBE on your schedule and enter N.S. (no show) next to their name and leave on the table when you exit. WBENC will handle immediately following the event.

What do I do when I complete my last meeting?
After your last meeting, please lay your stanchion down on the table and take your folder and all contents with you. This will alert the staff that you are done for the day and to remove any remaining items from your table.

See You Soon!

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact if prior to June 27.

The day of the event, please reach out to Susan Cates (214-356-9488), LaKesha White (910-545-5022), or Jessica Yamas (202-315-1520) directly. 

We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!