1:1 MatchMaker Instructions for Eligible WBEs

If you have been selected by a WBENC National Corporate or Government Member for at least one (1) meeting during the Procurement Opportunity Connection 1:1 MatchMaker event, congratulations! Here you will find the logistical information to help the meeting process go smoothly.

Please note: Because meetings can be added/canceled up until the day of the event, it is critical that you check your schedule after 10 PM on June 26. This will ensure you are aware of all changes that have been made and prepare accordingly.

WBE Check-in

  • Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019

  • Location: Baltimore Convention CenterBallroom Foyer, 400 Level

  • Check-in Time: One hour prior to your first meeting.

  • Desk: There will be four (4) registration desks divided by the legal name of the company as addressed above. You only need to register one time for the day.

Check Your Schedule 

  • Log in with the email address and password used to complete your company’s profile.

  • Select the 2019 NCBF event.

  • Select “My Appointments” from the menu at the left.

Eventdex App 

It is important for anyone involved in the 1:1 MatchMaker event to download the Eventdex Mobile App to their cell phone by searching for the Eventdex product by Globalnest in the Apple or Google play store. The app provides up-to-date schedule information.  

WBENC and our Corporate Members know that emergencies happen and that it may become necessary to cancel a meeting. Please note: All meetings MUST BE CANCELED USING EVENTDEX. Please do not email WBENC staff to cancel a meeting. Using the system will allow you to immediately notify the Corporate Member that the meeting has been canceled and provide a reason for the cancellation.  

Steps to cancel a meeting:

  • Follow the steps above to log into your profile on Eventdex

  • Select “My Appointments” from the menu at the left

  • Click the red “Cancel” button in the middle of the meeting you wish to cancel

  • Enter the reason in the Comment box. Ask if they would please follow up with you after the event and include your name, email address and/or cell number for future follow up.

New Process for 2019!

  • Instead of one large room, meetings will be divided into four (4) color-coded, smaller rooms to allow for a more intimate and quieter meeting setting. 

  • Rooms will be set up in alphabetical order by Corporate Member company name starting to your left upon entrance. 

  • WBEs will be given an envelope that contains their schedule and room assignment at WBE Check-In.  

  • WBEs must present their schedule or app to the hall monitor to gain entry to the meeting room at the designated time.  

  • Upon entry, please proceed to the table listed for the respective meeting. Be sure to take note of whether the company name is followed by a specific table number (#1, #2 or #3). Table numbers only appear when there is more than one table for that Corporate Member. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which room to go to?
The schedule in your envelope has a room and color-coded room assignment for each meeting. A schedule printed prior to June 11would not have room assignments.

How many WBEs can be seated at a table?
Only two (2) WBEs may attend a meeting.

What should I do if the representative I am meeting with is not at the table?
Please wait a minimum of 5 minutes. If the representative does not arrive, please go the MatchMaker Information Desk located in the Foyer to report their absence. They will see if the meeting was canceled. If not, they will take your business card and ensure the Corporate Member follows up with you after the conference.

Will WBENC be taking stand-by appointments to fill a canceled meeting?
No, only pre-scheduled meetings will take place.

What if a Corporate Member told me to meet with them?
Corporate Members have been instructed to email matchmakers@wbenc.org prior to 10 PM on June 26 with the names of any WBEs they wish to meet with so we can schedule the meeting. If they do not do this, the meeting will not be honored. 

What should I bring with me to the meeting?
Please bring business cards and a capacity statement with you. It is not necessary to bring giveaways or multiple marketing pieces, but you may.

What should I do if I lose my schedule?
Download the Eventdex App and use the schedule on the app. The app can also be presented for room entry.


If you are new to the MatchMaker process, we recommend attending one of the MatchMaker 101 sessions in the WBENC Certification Business Lab Circuit on Tuesday, June 25.

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact matchmakers@wbenc.org prior to June 27.

Please contact Susan Cates (214-356-9488), LaKesha White (910-545-5022), or Jessica Yamas (202-315-1520) if assistance is needed on-site. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!