Frequently Asked Questions

What does being eligible for 1:1 MatchMakers mean?

Being eligible means your company is currently a WBENC-Certified WBE who paid for a full conference registration by the Early Bird Deadline of April 2, 2019. Eligible WBEs are then able complete a company profile in our MatchMaker tool and included in the 1:1 MatchMaker selection process conducted by our Corporate Members. Eligibility does not guarantee you a 1:1 MatchMaker meeting.

Why can't I edit all of my company profile information?

Most of the information in your company's MatchMaker profile comes directly from your WBE certification record, which you can view in WBENCLink2.0. We do this to ensure that the information shared with participating Corporate and Government Members has already been verified and approved during your certification process. Because of this, several fields within your 1:1 MatchMaker profile in EventDex will not be editable. However, you are able to edit some data and add additional company information, such as search keywords, brochures/attachments, social media information, and more. Learn more about which fields are editable and which are read-only.

How is industry defined in my company profile?

The “Industry” field for your company is pulled from your WBENC-Certified WBE certification in the WBENCLink2.0 system and is based on the first two digits of your selected Primary NAICS code. If you wish to verify the description of the NAICS code, please go to and enter the first two digits of the Primary NAICS code, which is the first code listed. Please note that the categories are broad, and the title does not mean your company does all the items listed within the industry.

What if there is incorrect information in my company profile that I cannot edit?

If there is incorrect information associated to your company 1:1 MatchMaker profile that you cannot edit, this is a clear indication the certification data it is incorrect in the WBENCLink2.0 system. Changes or edits need to be made in WBENCLink2.0 first by submitting a Material Change Request Form to your Regional Partner Organization (RPO). Learn how to submit a Material Change Request.

How do I submit a Material Change Request to my RPO?
  • Log into WBENCLink2.0
  • Click on Manage/Apply for Certification under Key Actions on your dashboard
  • Select the correct revenue range
  • Select your company is currently certified
  • Select you would like to report a change or update your certification record
  • Select you would like to request additional codes
  • Select a Material Information Change Request Form
  • Complete the application and submit

  • Please send an email to your RPO on the request has been made in WBENCLink2.0 and copy and we will update your MatchMaker profile in EventDex.

    How will I know if I've been invited by a Corporate Member to participate in a 1:1 MatchMaker Meeting?

    Each eligible WBE has access to their schedule when logged into the MatchMaker tool, EventDex. We highly recommended WBEs monitor their MatchMaker schedule once a week to see if a meeting has been scheduled. Most of the Corporate Members will schedule 1:1 MatchMaker meetings between April 29 and June 7, but since meetings may be canceled and rescheduled by the Corporate and Government Members, it is important to check your schedule leading up to the morning of the 1:1 MatchMakers event on Thursday, June 27 to ensure no changes have taken place. 1:1 MatchMaker Meetings are automatically accepted on the behalf of the WBE Company. No action is required by the WBE unless they wish to cancel the meeting.

    Important Note: Each WBE is responsible for personalizing her schedule and blocking meeting times that she knows she is not available to attend. No meeting will be rescheduled due to travel or other conference event involvement.

    Can a WBE request a meeting with a Corporate Member?

    1:1 MatchMaker is a corporate-driven program, meaning Corporate and Government Members are the only ones who will be scheduling 1:1 MatchMaker meetings with eligible WBEs.

    How do I prepare for MatchMaker Meetings?

    This is your time to convince the corporation to take your company to the next level, so do your homework! Every company is different, convince them that your company can meet their specific needs because you understand what those needs are.

    Be on time! WBEs who arrive late will not be allowed to enter the 1:1 MatchMaker meeting room.

    Information regarding registration will be provided via email to the participants prior to traveling to the event from

    Who can I contact regarding MatchMaker?

    For more information regarding 1:1 MatchMaker meetings, please email