Sponsor FAQs

Why should I sponsor?

Sponsorship brings tremendous visibility to your brand in front of more than 4,700 individuals. The conference attendees are comprised of women business owners, corporate executives and purchasing decision-makers, as well as representatives from government agencies and advocacy organizations. All sponsors receive brand recognition on the conference website, event publication, signage, as well as an exhibitor booth, conference registrations and access to the Senior Executive Reception preceding the Tribute! Dinner.

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Who is eligible to sponsor?

The following entities are eligible to sponsor:

  • WBENC National Corporate and Government Members
  • Regional Corporate or Government Members of the 2019 Host Councils, WPEO - NY and WPEO - DC
  • WBENC-Certified WBEs
  • WBENC Regional Partner Organizations (RPO)
  • WBENC National Strategic Partners, which includes a select group of approved nonprofit organizations and media entities

Note: WBENC reserves the right to approve all entities requesting to be a sponsor.

Do sponsors receive a discounted rate for registrations?

Yes, sponsors may purchase additional Full-Conference Registrations for $599 and three additional Exhibitor Day Passes for $250. These registrations include all activities included in the conference schedule for the specific admission category.

Who do I contact about sponsorship opportunities?

Please contact Mia Delano, Executive Lead, Business Development & Engagement at 202-315-1501 or Jillian Schneeberger, Senior Director of Marketing, Programs & Business Development at 202-315-1483 .

Hours of Operation:
9am-5pm, EST, M-F


Click here to view sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

I am a sponsor contact, what do I need to know?

As a Sponsor Contact there are a few things you should know:

  • As a Sponsor Contact you are responsible for registering your corporation for the event. You’ll receive directions from Mia Delano with a code to access your company’s registration. You will first register yourself as the Sponsor Contact and fill out your company’s Exhibitor Directory information.
  • The Sponsor Contact will then need to register each of the individuals using your Full-Conference Registrations and Wednesday Day Passes. You will need each individual’s full name, company name, and email address as well as demographic information. Please note, if you, the sponsor contact, will also be attending the conference you must register yourself for one of the Registrations or Day Passes.  
  • If you need to make any changes to the registrations you already completed you can log back in to make the adjustment any time before June 14.
When is my ad due for the digital kiosks?

All ads are due by April 2, 2019. Email wbenccustsvc@wbenc.org if you did not receive your ad specs.

Where can I find the Exhibitor Kit?

The exhibitor kit will be posted on the conference website.