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Official Tournament Rules & Regulations

  • Participant must be a WBENC-Certified WBE in good standing

  • Participant must have purchased a Full Conference registration admission by Friday May 24, 2019. No registration refunds will be granted if you are not selected to participate in the WBENCPitch.

  • Person pitching must be a female owner of the company. If anyone other than the female owner is sent to participate, the spot to present is forfeited.

  • Pitch is 90 seconds long in the 1st round, 2 minutes in the Semi-Finals and 3 minutes in the Final Round.

  • No slides, audio visual support, samples, or large props. Any item a presenter would like to incorporate into their pitch that falls outside of these guidelines must be approved in advance by WBENC.

  • Pitch must be about your existing business, not a future endeavor or innovation.

  • Participant must be available to pitch at all scheduled tournament time slots when registering.

  • Participants must check-in 30 minutes before their scheduled time slot.

  • All National Conference & Business Fair attendees are invited to observe the tournament from the audience.

  • Participants will be selected by a closed committee of WBENC staff and affiliates.

  • When a decision is required, WBENC will be the final authority.