Your Company Profile Data

Most of the information in your company's MatchMaker profile comes directly from your WBE certification record, which you can view in WBENCLink2.0. We do this to ensure that the information shared with participating Corporate and Government Members has already been verified and approved during your certification process. Because of this, several fields within your 1:1 MatchMaker profile in EventDex will not be editable.

If there is an error in your profile that you cannot update in EventDex, there is also an error in WBENCLink2.0 system which needs to be corrected by your Regional Partner Organization (RPO). To make that change, you will need to submit a Material Change Request.

MatchMaker Profile Fields

Any field labeled as Read Only will require the assistance of your assigned Regional Partner Organization to update the information in WBENCLink2.0. Please refer to instructions provided. Once the changes are made in WBENCLink2.0, please contact the MatchMakers team to have your profile MatchMaker updated accordingly.

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